Innovation Consultant - CX, UX & SD

In Sydney, Australia

I use proven methodologies to help teams make product, service and business design decisions.

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I like to think of myself as a business scientist - someone who uses conducts research and experiments to help companies make informed decisions and solve business problems. I specialise in primary, qualitative research and user-generated data. 

At University I combined science and business degrees, and followed my interests into entrepreneurship. My introduction to the field of User Experience (UX) came with reading Eric Rees' book, The Lean Startup. I practiced The Lean Startup metholodogy to take Juggle Street from 0 to 20,000 users.  

I have studied at General Assembly, IDEOu and at Stanford's and worked with top performing UX agencies. Including freelance clients, I have consulted to large and small organisations, including startups, not-for-profits and Government.

My clients have something in common: they come to design or strategy decisions with a desire to be customer-centric and, importantly, they are able to recognise when a gap exists between what is known internally about their customers and what they need to know in order to make the best move forward.

When teams disagree or when uncertainty is high, the research process illuminates objectives for everyone. It ensures all stakeholders are heard and any ideas put forth can be tested/evaluated in the research. Instead of the loudest voice having the final say, research results are presented to show the best way forward.

A couple of common scenarios:

  • When expanding product/service offering - what are the opportunities, how big are the opportunities, which direction should we take? Among the research needed, identifying customers unmet needs (possibly indicated by workarounds or 'hacks' that people have) typically represent opportunities for innovation 
  • Prior to launching a new design - will customers understand and be able to use new product/service efficiently? As part of an iterative design process, new designs are tested with customers, improved, and tested again

With a number of client case studies, my portfolio showcases the application of CX, UX and service design methodologies and tools to these challenges. If you would like to view it, please contact me.